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All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF). Pictures on request. Write us! Or call +41 (0)79 744 61 19.

Rigel Mandolin A+ Deluxe

I am selling a Rigel A+ Deluxe mandolin in red in good shape, with case.

The mandolin is located in Switzerland, but I ship worldwide, at buyer's expense and risk. I can send it from within the EU, if preferred.

The Rigel A+ Deluxe is a converted lefthand model, which you can still see in the neck extension. The nut has been converted.

The rigel mandolins have been built very specially, carved out of a solid block of wood.

The strap in the case is torn out, otherwise the case is in good condition.

Rigel mandolins are no longer built, and quite rare. The mandolin comes with an original built in pick up.

New price USD 2695.--
1400.-- more pics on request.


Beeznees Jade tube microphone with PSU and case TBA pics on request.
Sennheiser MD21, black, XLR. TBA pics on request.
Sennheiser MD21, grey, Kleintuchel. TBA pics on request.
Sennheiser MD436. TBA pics on request.
BLUE B6 capsule for Bottle Mic, CMV563, Rocket etc. 320.-- pics on request.
RED R8 capsule for Bottle Mic, CMV563, Rocket etc., 2pcs. Probably the most versatile of all those Blue / Red / Darkbrown capsules. 200.-- ea. pics on request.
AKG D222 Rocket dynamic microphone. 2 capsules, no proximity effect. High-end dynamic. Lemo connector. 150.-- pics on request.
AKG D202 Rocket dynamic microphone. 2 capsules, no proximity effect. High-end dynamic. Lemo connector. 140.-- pics on request.
AKG C535 EB condenser, 3pcs 250.-- ea. pics on request.
AKG D3400 50.-- pics on request.


Lexicon 480L. 3600.-- pics on request.
Lexicon 480L Classic Cartridge. Reverbs of the 224 etc. TBA pics on request.
AKG BX20. Needs some maintenance - has a slight delay on one channel. SOLD 1200.-- pics on request.
Yamaha SPX2000. Great reverb! Has the SPX90 implemented, but also highly improved reverbs. SOLD 420.-- pics on request.
Roland R-880 with GC-8 remote. Legendary reverb. With all the additional cards plus extra ones. 1450.-- pics on request.
Yamaha SPX990. A classic. 140.-- pics on request.
Zoom 9200. The only high end unit Zoom ever built. Few noticed how good this reverb is. Very rare! 4 channel / dual engine processor. 320.-- pics on request.
Klark Teknik DN 780. Great reverb! A few times there is an occasional slight crackling noise, the unit might benefit from a check. And of vent holes! 900.-- OBO pics on request.
Yamaha Pro R3. 320.-- pics on request.
Ensoniq DP/4. TBA pics on request.
Dynacord DRP15. TBA pics on request.


Buzz Audio SOC-1.1. Stereo / dual Mono Optical Compressor. Demo unit, as new. SOLD 1350.-- pics on request.
Drawmer DL221. Standard workhorse. SOLD 180.-- pics on request.
dbx 160A. Classic Mono Compressor. As new. With step up transformer from US voltage, if needed. 220.-- pics on request.


Framus Sixties guitar 5/2-50 - sold 180.-- pics on request.
Several parlor guitars from the fifties, sixties and seventies (Höfner, Stella, Framus, Hopf etc.). Ask for availability and prices. 80.-- - 850.-- pics on request.
Organs & electric pianos & guitar amplifiers & Leslies. TBA pics on request.

Sold items

Eminent 2000 Grand Theatre legendary organ - Solina String Ensemble etc.

API 512c. Good condition. High quality PSU and homemade frame available for a small additional cost - sold. 650.-- pics on request.
Lucas CS-1 tube microphone with case, PSU and cable. One of the very best mics I know - sold. 3300.-- pics on request.
Beyerdynamic MC740 - sold. 650.-- pics on request.
Schoeps CMC6 body - sold. 600.-- pics on request.
Schoeps CMC6 body with MK4 capsule (cardioid) - sold. 1000.-- pics on request.
Neumann KM84. Kleintuchel. With non-original case - sold. 800.-- pictures and sound clip
Bricasti M7 - sold. 2600.-- pics on request.
Lexicon Model 200. Lush and dense - sold. 1350.-- pics on request.

This is the big brother of the 310U, on which Jean-Michel Jarre played his legendary recordings from the Seventies. It includes a Solina String Ensemble, and many other sounds. One of the best analog organs ever.
Orbitone and Rhythm section currently don't work.
Abzuholen in Winterthur. Sold.
150.-- more pics on request.

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